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Dr Mike McGhee qualified at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in London  in 1975 then spent 5 years as a medical officer in the RAF, in the UK and The Netherlands before arriving in Castle Donington in 1981. He knew Dr Keith Sumner, his partner in Aviationmedics.com during his RAF days and it was therefore a great pleasure and wonderful opportunity to team up with him again in Castle Donington when he left the RAF in 1983.

As of 2014, Dr McGhee has retired from his role as part-time principal in General Practice. He has been an AME for UK Class One and UK Class Two medical examinations, and European Class Three (ATCO) since starting work in Castle Donington. He enjoys singing, particularly Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas, likes classic cars and has a 1969 Jaguar Mark 2 and is one of the few remaining supporters of The Stags (Mansfield Town).


Dr Keith Sumner qualified from the University of Birmingham in 1975, and spent 6 years as a Royal Air Force medical officer in England, the Netherlands and Germany. Retired from General Practice in 2011 but is continuing as an AME. He enjoys his Private Pilot’s Licence, golf and motoring, a Morris Minor being his favourite. He does not sing in public, which is in the national interest.


Dr Peter Machin learned to fly with the Southampton University Air Squadron between 1990 and 1993. He qualified at the University of Nottingham Medical School in 2001 and gained his private pilot’s licence in 2003. He has 400+ hours on SEP aircraft. He qualified as a General Practitioner in 2008 and it was during his training that he met Mike, who was one of his tutors. Since 2012 he has owned a group share of a Grumman AA5. Dr Machin is also a part-time GP principal and enjoys cycling and flying the AA5.


Chaperone Policy On most occasions there will not be a chaperone present when you are being examined but you are welcome to bring a close friend with you to witness the examination if you wish to do so. Alternatively please telephone us before your appointment if you would like us to have a chaperone present for your examination.


About Us

AME Examiners
Dr Mike McGhee RAF (Ret'd)
Graduated St Mary’s London 1975

Dr Keith Sumner RAF (Ret'd)
Graduated Birmingham 1975

Dr Peter Machin
Qualified as GP in 2008


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